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MSBI Online Training Course


SQL Server BI Course Highlights • 

Hands on training with working experts and authors. 

• Complete real time environment. 

• Real time environment with IBM servers.

 • Good learning material with Lab exercises. 

• Group discussions on every Saturday with working experts. 

• Free FAQs & resume preparation. 

• Excellent class room environment. 

• Customized training for working professionals. 

• Certification oriented training. 

• 1 Month free support after completion of course.

 Module 1: SSIS Introduction to Business Intelligence • Business Intelligence and features. • Microsoft Business Intelligence Vision. • Components of MSBI o SSIS o SSRS o SSAS o Management Components • Real time scenarios Introduction to SSIS • Introduction to ETL • SSIS and Features • SSIS package lifecycle • Developing Simple package with Import & Export wizard • Analyzing the package • Using Data Viewers • Parts of SSIS package • Tools of SSIS • Developing package with BIDS • How SSIS works • Architecture of SSIS Working with Control Flow Tasks • What is control flow? • Types of control flow tasks. • Working with tasks • Variables overview • Creating and working with variables • SSIS system variables • Using variables in control flow • Using variables to pass information between packages • Using Expressions. • Introduction to .Net framework • Working with Script Tasks o Scrip Task o ActiveX Script o Script Component

Implementing Data Flow • Data Flow elements • Data Sources • Working with Transformations • Types of Transformation o Row Transformations o RowSet o Split and Join o Synchronous and Asynchronous o Other transformations Debugging, Error Handling and Logging • SSIS debugging overview • Breakpoints in SSIS • SSIS debugging windows • Control Flow : The OnError event handler • Data Flow: Error Data Flow • Configuring Package Logging • Built-in Log Providers Advanced Data Flow • Revisiting data sources and destinations • Lookup Transformations • Getting Fuzzy: Fuzzy Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping Transformations • Merge and Merge Join Transformations. • Slowly Changing Dimensions • Working with Checkpoints SSIS Package Deployment • Configurations and deployment • Deployment utility • Deployment Options • Package Security • Executing packages using DTExec, DTExecUI SSIS Package Management • The SSIS Service • Managing packages with DTUtil • Managing packages with SQL Server Management Studio • Scheduling 

 Module 2: SSRS Introduction to Reporting Services • Diff ways of reporting • Types of Reports • Characteristics of a good report • Reporting Life cycle • Introduction to SSRS • Features and Tools • Developing Sample report Authoring Reports • Installing & Configuring SSRS • Developing Reports with Report wizard • Developing reports from scratch o Using Datasets o Tabular Report o Matrix Report • Working with report parameters • Formatting reports • Adding calculated values • Using Dynamic Visibility • Using a List Data Region • Working with Stored Procedures • Creating report models • Using Report builder Publishing and Executing Reports • Publishing Reports • Executing Reports • Creating Cached Instances • Creating Snapshots and Report History Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports • Introduction to Report Subscriptions • Creating Report Subscriptions • Managing Report Subscriptions Administering Reporting Services • Server Administration • Performance and Reliability Monitoring • Administering Report Server Databases • Security Administration Programming Reporting Services • Querying for Server Information Using a Web Service • Automating Report Management • Rendering Reports • Creating Custom Code 

 Module 3: SSAS Introduction to Analysis Services • Introduction to OLTP, OLAP, DWH • Type of OLAP Systems • Basic of Multidimensional Architecture. • Dimensional Tables • Fact Tables • Cubes • Introduction to SSAS • Features ,Tools and Services Creating Multidimensional Analysis Solutions • Developing Analysis Services Solutions • Data Sources and Data Source Views • Creating a Cube • Working with Dimensions o Configuring Dimensions o Defining Hierarchies o Sorting and Grouping Attributes • Working with Measures • Working with Measure Groups Querying Multidimensional Analysis Solutions • What is MDX? • MDX Fundamentals o Members o Cells o Tuples o Sets • MDX Query o SELECT Statement and Axis Specification o FROM Clause and Cube Specification o WHERE Clause o WITH Clause • MDX Expressions o Operators o MDX Functions Advanced Cube Design • Implementing Key Performance Indicators • Implementing Actions • Implementing Perspectives • Implementing Translations • Partitioning Managing Cubes • Configuring Processing Settings • Implementing Security • Logging, Monitoring, and Optimizing an Analysis Services Solution • Backing Up and Restoring an Analysis Services Database Introduction to Data Mining • Overview of Data Mining * Creating a Data Mi